How we will read, Clay Shirky

Paddy Asdown,The global power shift. 날적이

Interesting quote from Paddy Asdown's TED session.

"Collective defense the thing that has dominated us as the concept of securing our nations is no longer enough.
The advent of interconnectedness and of the weapons of mass destruction means that increasingly I share a destiny with my enemy."

Change of password patterns 우리가까운주변

Since using smartphones and tablets, there seems to be some kind of nudge to change passwords which are easier to type in using the new devices.
Probably most hackers(crackers actually) are aware of this and will be the first people who are gaining benefit from this...

Just hit me because I felt somewhat awkward typing in passwords on my laptop which I have changed on my mobile which felt far more easier on my mobile.

Thank God I can forget 우리가까운주변

In my opinion, people are fortunate to be oblivious and gulliable, which in turn makes us much more happier.

Just imaging that you can remember every bit of your childhood, from the struggle to birth, the frustration of being hungry but the only thing you can do is cry, the bullies that made your life miserable during the school years, the multiple mistakes you've made through your lifetime..
I thank god for making me not perfect, and made my brain a volatile RAM rather than a DAT tape

"Nudge"(Richard H. Taler),
This book shows some examples, due to the nature described above, of how default options may have huge impact on the results. It makes me re-think of how I am approaching choices. Why can't I solve issues more brilliantly utilizing this? If it is hard to persuade someone, maybe I should split the effort and persuade acquaintences instead?

Will try to write a summary, if possible, after finishing reading.....
Some nice concepts in the book that I'll try to dig on,
"Choice Architect"
"Libertaring Paternalism("

Future of Cloud Computing - Fabric Clouds Cloud Computing

Recently read some articles from the Gartner 2010 Summit(Las Vegas), and was fascinated of the concept of "Fabric Clouds". For those who are new to this, let's say that the cloud will evolve so much that eventually clould computing will break down to core component(CPU, Memory, Disk , I/O(network) clouds.

Just think about it, This will probably change the whole landscape of computing...

Intel/AMD will build huge CPU clustes all around the world,
- Samsung can establish memory farms,
- Hitachi/Samsung/Seagate disk farms(or flash memory, which I think will prevail),
- Global carriers will conglomerate to create high speed networks between these separate component clouds,
- And finally, the really interesting area, some one, but I don't know who will have the capability or the will(Google maybe?), will interconnect, package these resources, and transform so end users can use it.
Not sure what to call them, but probably some one will come up with a great word(ResourceBroker? EndClouds?)
These players acting between the component clouds and the customer will control the revenue stream.

The cloud brokers, brokers which are in between the customer and multiple cloud service providers(IaaS, PaaS, Saas) who mashups or streamlines multiple aaS services, may evolve to that level.

But one thing that I'm confident of is, as we buy oil and various commodities(wheat, sugar etc) in advance as futures, and there is a trade market for this, this will also be true for the IT resources(components).

"Facebook will have to reserve 1Milliion CPUs for the next Q in advance to support the user growth" shouldn't they?

To Be Continued...

What Would Google Do(Jeff Jarvis) 날적이

Great book on the innovations that Google is doing, not limited to technology.

Really agree with the social, economic landscape changes that they are leading.

Was surprised that I have already read majority of references used in this book..

The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky

Small is the New Big, Seth Godin,

The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki

Some other books that I've read in context,

The Big Switch:Rewiring the world from Edison to Google, Nicholas G Carr

The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet, Solove, Daniel J.

Groundswell, Charlene Li,Josh Bernoff

Six Pixels of Separation, Mitch Joel


이글은 "인터파크도서"에서 작성되었습니다.

Life is Beta 날적이

Great expression..(from Jeff Jarvis "What Would Google Do")
Need to have positive additudes to new changes and challenges..
Acknowledge and accept it, That's life, But we don't always succeed

People are Awesome 2 잼난것들

스마트폰 쓰지 맙시다! 날적이

사람이 휴대폰을 이용하고 활용해야하는데, 요즘 읽고 있는 "몰입의 재발견"을 읽다보니, 이제는 폰이 번식/생존을 하기위해서 사람을 이용하고 있다는 생각이 절실히 듭니다. 지하철이건 버스이건 어디서나 고객푹숙인 사람들, 멋진 하늘과 정경을 볼려고 저는 스마트폰 안 삽니다! ^^

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